[474] Plugin crash (galleon.json:1065)

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[474] Plugin crash (galleon.json:1065)

Post by Artem_123 » Sun May 13, 2018 16:53

Hi, I got the following error with a plugin (galleon.json:1065):

Code: Select all

In /data/data/info.flowersoft.theotown.theotown/files/plugins/navalshippackage_by_ptxcarl.zip/navalshippackage_by_ptxcarl/galleon/galleon.json:

org.json.JSONException: Unterminated object at character 462 of [
      "author": "AdmiralCarl",
      "build time": 25,
      "draw ground": true,
      "frames": [
            "bmp": "galleon.png"
      "height": 5,
      "id": "Galleon.pentacity",
      "needs water": true,
      "needs land": false,
      "needs road": false,
      "influence education high": 50,
      "provide aspect education high": 100,
      "power": 0,
      "price": 977000,
      "monthly price": 5000
      "requirement": {
         "requirements": [
               "data": {
                  "id": "$rnk_village_small"
               "type": "RANK"
      "text": "Friga, a Galleon Vessel used in 1500-1700 A.D., Recomissioned and built in the shipyards of Republic of Pentacity. Allowing young mariners and cadets to train basic and advance seamanship, watch keeping and navigation. Can also be used as a museum or active vessel in service.",
      "title": "Galleon Friga",
      "type": "military",
      "water": 0,
      "width": 5
Device: GT-I9060 (samsung)
Android: 17 (4.2.2)

Thank you in advance. (No my plugin)
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Re: [474] Plugin crash (galleon.json:1065)

Post by danekbel » Sun May 13, 2018 17:04

Put a comma after monthly price
some text.

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