The horrifying backstory of Better Empire

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The horrifying backstory of Better Empire

Post by BetterBear » Fri Aug 04, 2017 13:36

It all started..

May 10, 8:36 AM, 2 years ago..

Some scientists are working to form a new chemical from Grobreharia, which they called "JI2a". The purpose of that chemical is not known yet, but it posssibly contain something that can repel aliens. Who knows..

Same day, 10:50 AM..

Alarms were heard from a recorded footage, while some emengercy typed action noises can be heard.

Same day, 11:00 AM..

An unidentified noise crawled in the laboratory, which the scientists only know. Then screams and spills can be heard from the terrifying footage. The unidentified noise continued while the footage stops.

Same day, 2:00 PM...
Some Great City residents who came from Better Empire reported sirens, firetrucks and said that the empire was in lockdown. They dont know why, but the authorities just acted like that. A little while Great City shutted travelling at Better Empire as because Emperor Highly told so.

Same day, 5:00 PM...

Some residents from tall apartment buildings in Great City reported as they are watching what it seems to be green lights. A little while ago the entire city lost communication, which causes the Great City mayor to announce lock down. Fortunately some instruments are working The earthquake scale detected a 2.2 magnitude earthquake in Great City, while a 4.0 magnitude far away.

Same day, 7:25 PM...
The earthquake scale detected something scary: That earthquake keeps on repeating. It can't be aftershocks as the magnitude slightly increase every new earthquake. Then Great City meteorology agency detected that some severe weather phenomenon is happening far away, as same some weird space activity. It was possible meteorites..

Same day, 9:00 PM..
Panic and terror in Great City as Sonic Booms are heard and everyone starts having headaches. A blue greenish "evening sun" was rising in the sky which looks like that the world is ending. Some weird thing was also plainly seen to suck up everything. Power in Great City starts to flicker. All Military personnel was prepared and Coast Guard was guarding the seas. The weather agency detected possibly 3 hurricanes and 200 tornadoes are circling in that area. Meteorology also predicted that there are possibly 1,300 meteorites crashing. Earthquake scale detected magnitude 10.0 far away. Mysteriously, Sonic Boom effect in Great City was reduced by 96%.

Same day, 10:00 PM..
Every mystery stops. All the paranormal activities had stopped, such as the weird light, and communication was back again. Authorities had dialed Better Empire but nothing. Some authorities rushed to Better Empire but to know that the highway was perfectly cut off mysteriously. Also, no sign of human activities in Better Empire's land at all. This was told in Higher Government Agencies, and they did what they did. And then, tomorrow's a nightmare..

What do you think happenedat Better Empire? What is that noise? That "sun"? That weird activity?
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Re: The horrifying backstory of Better Empire

Post by TheFennekin » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:22

Scary story and what happened next?
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Re: The horrifying backstory of Better Empire

Post by Ahmad Nur Aizat » Sun Oct 22, 2017 14:18

TheFennekin wrote:
Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:22
Scary story and what happened next?
The story's still having a cliffhanger...

Either what I said or this story has been abandoned

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