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Channel A & RYDO Entertainment

Post by ArchaeoPX » Sun May 06, 2018 1:39

3... 2... 1... We're live.
Arkhaza is considered a haven for the arts and knowledge... at least for themselves. We provided them quality entertainment through the the television, as well as the internet. However, why not give the world our entertainment?

Here we are!
Channel A and RYDO Entertainment

About Channel A:
Channel A is a media hub that focuses on informing people, although there's always some room for anything else.
A's specialty is on newscasting through their main channels: A-Hub, ACNNACNN (aka Arkhazan Central News Network) and ARNNARNN (Arkhazan Regional News Network)*.
*...Arkhazan regional networks were acquired in order to solve the problem of incosistent information within them, and thus a unified channel was made to specifically cater to that.
They have other channels too: AlphaSportsAlphaSports (Sports), kafkAkafkA (General Entertainment/Drama), AURUMAURUM (Education/Technology), and AurKulturAurKultur (Education/Culture)

About RYDO Entertainment:
RYDO Entertainment (formerly RYBAK Entertainment), on the other hand, focuses solely on entertainment. They do movies, music and many sorts of shows! All of those could be found in their channels: RYDO JockeyRYDO Jockey (Music), UnReelUnReel (Movies), PlaywrightPlaywright (Drama & Comedy), and N-DON-DO (General Entertainment).

[ Both services are available through payment at your nearest TV dealer or online at and ]
[ Resolutions start from SD up to Seamless (120fps) 4KHD ]
...*News may often be posted here, as well as other stuff happening in Arkhaza... that is of less importance than, say, a civil war and a plague.
From the Arkhazan Commonwealth / Arkhaza.
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