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Story Posting Rules

Post by Brody Craft » Sat Jul 15, 2017 13:26

These Are Defined Rule For Story Subforum
1.Post A Story
Any Thread which is non story will be moved or trashed
2.No Swear words
Any swear words are not Possible to post, try to censor them
3. Story Information
Any story needs an information or else the reader wont understand what will happen in the future of the story
4. Grammatically Correct
Try to make a story with at least 70% accuracy of Grammar, or else little or no one understand
5. Storyline
A story needs a good storyline, if your storyline didnt match with the previous storyline, people wouldnt understand
6. Logically Possible
Dont post anything non logical except when the story was set in the future
7. Long Story
If a story was too long, please cut it to different parts, You may not cut it, theres no problems with it, 256 lines is the max
More will be added in the future
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