Grass&Dirt decals by Pounkiller (part of Decal pack)

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Showcase items that are ground plugins or of type tree.

In game Terrain Tab.
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Grass&Dirt decals by Pounkiller (part of Decal pack)

Post by Pounkiller » Sun May 20, 2018 18:38

Free - You may use the contents of this plugin however you like without giving credit.
In this part of the Decal pack, I present you Grass&Dirt decals.
As you know there are a lot of textures that we cannot use in-game but I am trying to solve that issue with the Decal pack and I'm adding some extra textures in it too...
This part of the pack has 5 grass textures and 2 dirt textures that is from the original game.
The reason that I included the normal ground textures is that when you replace them with land it becomes more green-ish...(Maybe Lobby will take a look at this dilema,please ??)
/Disclaimer almostAll of these textures are not made by me and their respective owners are Lobby&Theo.
Grass&dirt decals by
(6.93 KiB) Downloaded 867 times
/Important !This plugin needs Josh's decal category to work.
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