Creating Non-Square Buildings

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Creating Non-Square Buildings

Post by KINGTUT10101 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:01

Before I start, I need to say that this tutorial won't be very in depth. I won't be explaining how to make the json for this. This will just explain the concept and how you can use it.

For a long time now, players have wanted to have building that aren't squares. This tutorial will tell you how you can make your own non-square buildings using fun. However, there are definitely simpler ways of doing this, but with this method you won't have to place the building parts manually. Next I'll provide an example and I'll walk you through the process of making your own custom-shaped buildings.

As an easy example, I'll use a 2x4 building. First you should split the building into squares. In this situation we need two 2x2 building parts. When combined, these parts should form the building you want. I would recommend making these rotation aware otherwise they will look terrible when they are rotated.
A 2x4 building.
Split it into two parts like this.

Next you'll need to create the json. I would recommend using one building part as a "base". The base will be the building that places the other parts to form the full building. Once you choose one, use fun to make it place the other parts automatically. After that, you're done. Although you could always place these parts manually, I think it's cool and convenient to have a non-square building build itself in front of your eyes. It also removes the need for players to memorize what piece goes where. Unfortunately, this plug-in may get laggy if the building is too complex or if there is a large quantity of them, but I'm sure there are ways around that.

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Re: Creating Non-Square Buildings

Post by THEMAX » Fri Nov 03, 2017 20:43

Ok, it will be hard with the imperial palace I made...... 9 3×3 square... probably a lot laggy
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