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Evstotzain Alliance Plugin Pack

Heya all, you may have heard of the Evstotskian Alliance. A major alliance in the world. We have had some community made plugins but now I've combined it into a pack containing Flags, category's and the other buildings.


Flags of members of the alliance (Thanks Scythal)

Podium (and again)

The Farhnoth flag (thanks Jim)

The Evstotskian Embassy (ahem made by yours truly)

The Kieven Embassy (once again)

The Evstotskian Air Agency (and once more)

This will be updated and I hope to eventually have all departments buildings.

No redistributing please. ;)
Here ya go!
(32.65 KiB) Downloaded 30 times

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Post office by Krepel (UPDATE 1.0.1)

So, yeah. It pretty much is my first plugin there, I didn't want to start off that simple, so I made this small post office. At the end I noticed that the car is sorta too big, but it looks ok in my opinion.

In the future I'm gonna make it rotation aware, fix the number of spawning cars (it's sorta too many of them) and maybe add more size varieties and some decoration, also fix the texture to be more realistic.

27.5.18 Update 1.0.1

-Fixed the distance of how far can the car go

-Added the car's speed atribute
(2.48 KiB) Downloaded 6 times
1.0.1 Version, download if you want
(2.33 KiB) Downloaded 8 times
postoffice.png (891 Bytes) Viewed 212 times
postcar.png (568 Bytes) Viewed 212 times

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Marc filae : ( pacifist, progressist, Ecologist , went to Samaria and iron guard as a medic to help civillians ) ( UAGF )
Electra Johnson : ( pacifist, democratic, was the Admiral of a UN carrier group, she accepted 5000 refugees onboard ) ( iron guard )
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Miguel Pedro castelo : ( Ecologist and pro-science, he was a famous Mexican scientist ) ( United Mexican socialist republics )
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Emhed Ertuf : ( Pro-egality and pacifist, he was inspired by the famous Ahmad Nur Aizat ) ( Sedile )
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